FEED Funding Applications Update

Our partners are submitting applications for funding from Ofgem to conduct Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies.  Following the creation of East Coast Hydrogen in late 2021 with a feasibility study, which set out a roadmap for completing further investigation and designing the infrastructure required, we launched our Delivery Plan in late 2023.

The plan included information from users, plus existing and planned hydrogen projects, to create a realistic programme which caters for the region’s needs. The FEED studies are the natural next step in enabling us to start repurposing and constructing hydrogen infrastructure in the late 2020s and early 2030s and fulfil our ultimate ambition of connecting hydrogen supply with storage and users.

With 63 TWh/year of hydrogen demand identified and the potential for saving up to 12 MtCO2 per year by 2037, the East Coast Hydrogen programme is vital for decarbonisation of industry and the prosperity of the region.